Nokia – OZO

Designed and built in Finland, Nokia’s VR camera is made of aluminum, is big about the size of a human head, and weighs less than 10 pounds. The device, which sort of resembles a puffer fish, hosts eight 2K by 2K resolution cameras, each spaced out so the distance between lenses is the same as the distance between two human eyes. This helps the Ozo recreate a realistic view of all perspectives as you move your head around. Images are processed in pairs to create the best possible stereoscopic effect. There are microphones all over it too, Rantanen says. “Since audio is at least half of the virtual reality experience, we’ve built eight microphones into OZO for 3D audio capture,” he tells me. The 195 degree field of view per lens is enough to capture the full surroundings, even behind the “fin” at the back of the head where removable SSD cartridge and battery pack are stored. A large opening at the top of the device, and another one beneath it, were designed to function as a natural air cooling system, eliminating the need for a fan and, along with it, any worry about fan noise altering the audio.