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Nokia – OZO

Designed and built in Finland, Nokia’s VR camera is made of aluminum, is big about the size of a human head, and weighs less than 10 pounds. The device, which sort of resembles a puffer fish, hosts eight 2K by 2K resolution cameras, each spaced out so the distance between lenses is the same as […]


Ever since Lytro burst onto the scene with its first light-field camera three years ago, it’s done things very differently. The company’s imaging technology has always been groundbreaking: They make still cameras that allow you to capture a shot, then decide where to focus and how to adjust the depth-of-field after the fact. All of […]

Jaunt VR – Neo

In addition to the NEO camera series, Jaunt also engineered important improvements to their creative workflow allowing for easier integration with the use of the leading post-production tools commonly used by today’s creatives. With these new workflow improvements, Jaunt Studios partners can now edit VR content using tools such as Avid, Premiere, Final Cut Pro […]

Red Cinema – HypeVR

HypeVR is focused on developing next generation live action software tools and 3d capture systems to enable the creation of six degree live action VR. This allows you to actually look behind objects to see their occlusion. Imagine if you were standing in front of a fence at eye level. You would barely be able […]

Google – Jump VR Camera

Google has announced “Jump” and “Magic Leap”. Jump is the virtual reality social sharing platform that Google will continue to roll out this summer. We have been working on several optical solutions to bring more resolution to the jump rig. Google has stated that any camera can work with the jump system, but physical form […]

Google – Magic Leap

“Magic Leap” is Google Glass re-invented to something useful. Instead of using the built in camera to creep people out and record what you see. Magic Leap uses the camera and few special algorithms to produce a 3D environment map in real time. Using the data from the environment map CGI objects are then tracked […]

Google – Project Soli

Project Soli is potentially the technology that will really change the world. It uses radar to interpreter human intent. By using radar they can detect the tiniest movements and piping that into a gesture recognition software you can really see the advantages. Project Soli is gesture control with no visual of physical input. Welcome to […]

Microsoft – Hololens

Microsoft has also announced their plans for VR and its very exciting. It is called “HoloLens” and derives its name from what Microsoft really thinks VR will be. Holographic Computing. Hololens like Magic Leap (aka “Google Glass”) allows the wearer to see the real world through the glasses but also rendered material on top of […]

Facebook – Oculus Rift

Oculus was the first to the field with the “Rift” back in 2012. The rift was revolutionary because it proved that low-latency head tracking was very possible and very accurate but more importantly it brought stereoscopic 3D into a fully immersive environment. At the time 3D had so many limitation with glasses, screen and brightness […]

Valve / HTC – SteamVR

So far the most promising VR set seems to be from “Valve” in-conjunction with “HTC” called “SteamVR” which integrates perfectly with Valves content delivery network also called “Steam”. Steam is the one of the largest online gaming and social networks. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and […]